Successful STEK-audit

23 December 2020

We are proud to announce that HRS has successfully completed the STEK-audit. The auditor from the audit firm SGS added the remark “I can only can compliment you with the result of the audit”.

What can HRS offer you as a STEK-certified company?

  • The company operates in a sustainable manner;
  • The company strives for the lowest possible energy consumption;
  • A STEK-certified company has integrated continuous improvement into its processes and uses a proven quality system;
  • The company works according to established functional and practical procedures;
  • A STEK-certified company sets high standards for its technicians, tools and environment in order to guarantee your safety and that of the technicians;
  • The activities are always transparant due to a correct work registration.

On behalf of the HRS team: Be safe, stay healthy and enjoy the holidays, looking forward to a great 2021!