Reefer service Rotterdam

Reefer service Rotterdam

Harbour Reefer Service (HRS) is located in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. The ideal location since its surroundings, Botlek and Europoort, form a big scale industrial region. The Port of Rotterdam is the biggest port in Europe where thousands of shipping containers pass on an annual basis. This makes reefer service in Rotterdam indispensable.

Refrigerated transport

Rotterdam is the gateway to Europe. Shipping vessels load and unload their containers in the Port of Rotterdam. Nutritional goods and medicines are often transported by reefer container. A reefer is a shipping container with a cooling system so that vegetables, fruits, dairy and meat products remain fresh during transport.

Reefer service Rotterdam

Shipping companies need to ensure reefer maintenance. HRS is the appropriate partner for reefer maintenance. HRS offers services for reefer maintenance and reefer rapair in Rotterdam. From Pre Trip Inspection (PTI) to repair of the cooling systems. To repair reefers efficiently we have spare parts in stock. We directly purchase spare parts from the large manufacturers. Besides that we offer 24/7 reefer service and we can deliver original, used and revised parts all over the world. Our technicians are trained by the large manufacturers and are skilled to perform reefer and genset service.

reefer service rotterdam netherlands

Reefer renovation or modification

Besides reefer service HRS is also the suitable partner for renovating or modifying reefers in Rotterdam. Do you have specific wishes for your reefers such as a roller shutter, an additional door or lighting? No problem at all. Our experts know how to meet your demands. Through our intensive collaboration with Alconet Containers you can buy reefers and gensets, have them maintained, modified and repaired when needed.

Rotterdam is the ideal location for reefer service in Europe. HRS has all the facilities which are needed to maintain and repair your reefers quickly and well. Are you interested in knowing more about our services? Get in touch with us.