Refrigerated container repair

Refrigerated container repair

A refrigerated container is used intensively for worldwide transport of food products and medicines. Another purpose of a refrigerated container is to (temporarily) increase the cooling capacity at, for example, festivals. Either way: loading and unloading of refrigerated containers can lead to damages. Per trip a refrigerated container gets lifted about 20 times. Harbour Reefer Service is the trusted party for refrigerated container repair as well as recovery of gensets.

Visual damages

Damages at refrigerated containers can occur in many forms. Visual damages mostly occur at the doors and ceilings, for example tears or malfunctioning doors and hatches. To comply with CSC standards, these damages have to be repaired. Our technicians ensure that the refrigerated container gets repaired in an efficient manner, as to meet the standards for licensing as quickly as possible. Afterwards the refrigerated container can be safely used for chilled transport again.

Functioning of refrigeration systems

All containers entering our depot will undergo a PTI which tests the functioning of the cooling systems. Does the refrigeration system not work the way it should? Then these damages can directly be recovered at our depot. Harbour Reefer Service is specialised in refrigerated container repair. Our highly skilled and experienced technicians are fully accredited to work on refrigeration systems. We also have spare parts in stock and, when needed, we can order the needed parts and deliver them worldwide.

Through our 24/7 emergency service you can always reach us in case of problems with the refrigerated container or genset. Do you want to learn more about refrigerated container repair? We are glad to help you out. Please get in touch with us.